What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are most effective when used by people who are willing to work on improving their lives. These therapies are offered by professional therapists to provide assistance to people who are experiencing issues in their lives which have resulted in the person no longer being satisfied with their life.

Counselling and Psychotherapy will offer you the opportunity to examine your life and to make choices, as to whether or not, you belive that making change is necessary. Therapy will help you understand what makes you who you are, which in turn will allow you make sense of what is going on in your life at this present time. Counselling and Psychotherapy will encourage you to look at your Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviour and will explore your best options and choices, to allow you to deal with them.

Counselling   deals with issues that have arisen lately and are going on for you now e.g.   Loss, Bereavement, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anxiety, or Depression   etc.

Psychotherapy   deals with deeper, more long term issues that may have arisen in the past e.g.   Trauma, Abuse, Family Dysfunction or Childhood Issues   etc.

Counselling and Psychotherapy are terms which frequently overlap and are sometimes used interchangeably.

If what you are getting from your life is not what you want or expect then counselling and psychotherapy may be what you require to; make you feel better; Get more out of life; make changes to your life or just talk to someone who understands.

As your counsellor/psychotherapist I will offer you empathy by working to understand your life from your point of view and I will help you to look at your situation through new eyes, using a more positive outlook. I will at all times be non-judgemental towards your situation and I will offer you my full attention and the respect which you deserve.All of this will take place in an athmosphere of calm and i offer you my personal guarentee that everything that we discuss in the counselling room will remain completely confidential. You will at all times, have the opportunity to talk freely and openly about any issue relating to your life. I will accept you as the person you are.

My Goal as your counsellor will be to see you finish counselling having developed a coping strategy which you can use to address and manage any personal issues which may arise for you in your future. This should give you the confidence and motivation to live your life in the way, You Choose.

Counselling & Phsycotherapy